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"Specchio Economico"
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What would mean for a great company to replace, with a single one, migliaia of invoices and all the job that is behind? Today it is possible to eliminate offered, orders, bubbles of every type, expirations and payments infinites entrusting all the implementations to one society of services of integrated supply. Draft of the Unitec-D, that it has center in the productive heart of the Germany. Between first taking advantage itself of this society they figure great names like Iveco, Mondadori, Whirlpool and Ilte.
The service of supply integrated from carried out it concurs, above all, to achieve a result within from the companies: that one to render the fixed costs variable and to pull down the wall of "supply zero".
The University "the Wisdom" has rewarded with 110 and praise one student that has carried out the thesis on the Unitec case, describing some the capacity of the service and the advantages that a company can gain some. Vincenzo Marino (in the photo), holder of the Unitec-D, has hour one single worry: that one to succeed to answer adequately to the question that this innovation is creating in the market.

Member of DIN ISO 9001 Unitec