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Press News
"Dictionary of the Digital Economy"
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A large one has been made to speak in the last years of Internet and the so-called one " new economy ".
Internet has ignited the enthusiasms with its new scent of epidemic and rivoluzionar it and many they have confused the bubble financial institution with the advent of one new economy.

But the laws of the economy do not change and the enterprises continue to pursue - as it is always happened - the creation of economic value.
Sure something is changed and the difference is perceived.
Internet and technologies ICT have changed the way to make enterprise, transforming it in with of more and more horizontal and connected activities, much more centered on the customer and its expectations, absolutely timelier and reactive to the change.

The enterprises have become extended -- insiemi of companies that form an alliance in order to optimize it turns out to you operated to you, to create value and to achieve competitive advantage.
They can work to the unisono, with an only enterprise-net, because at this point technologies ICT concur it and more and more they will concur it in near future, that it is the future of the wide band and the wireless, of the multimediali applications for the enterprise, of the corporate TV and the multimediali points sale.

The true sense of the change is this. Not one new economy, but a strongly hauled economy from the new potentialities of instruments ICT, which has become impossible to make less: one net economy.
The task of a Dictionary is not to reflect flashing with lightning of a changing phenomenon, but storicizzare the existing, to pick of the durable elements and the evolutionary pushes. And that by means of along distance that passes for migliaia of terms and definitions, of distinctions and precisazioni. In so far as, a work was strongly the requirement dl that could index and to codify the new one that us has overthrown I lean headlong in the recent years. Indeed, that that of the new one is survivor to volatilizzarsi of the first enthusiasms and has become asset durable of the quotidianità of making an enterprise and the market.
A Dictionary is also - in deep a way to make order, sistematizzare in a new order the useful acquaintances and experiences, with one pragmatic look to the future.
This was the objective of the work: we have best pursued of our abilities, but also with it has serene conscience that a term negletto and a better definition will be perennially in ambush in our mind. Ready to jump outside to text only published: it is the maledizione of the dictionaries.

In this distance we have operated of the choices and had of the travel companions: I would want to render account you of first and rendering merit to the second ones.

The choices. We have decided to insert biographical voices dedicated to individuals that have considerably recorded in the evolution of the traditional economy to net economy; we have but rinunciato to many between those who they are currently in itinere, privileging who has been distinguished - even though for an only step - for to have achieved a storicizzabile result. Strategic choice has been one.
We have omitted all the Italians and this has been, instead one chosen tactical. The Dictionary enjoys in fact the characterized contribution of many of the Italian protagonists of the net economy: to dedicate they a lemma would be seemed piaggeria; of other part, whichever involuntary omission of those who has not collaborated would have seemed acrimony fruit. Ergo, no Italian. Salomonico, but effective.
We have dedicated much space to the evolutionary tendencies. As an example, to the wide band and the wireless, innovative applications ICT, the trend of marketing and communication for the enterprise. We have moreover omitted to cite, or dealt only succintamente, some phenomena (or applications, or trend, or companies) that also they have enjoyed recent happening, but have then had to yield the step when one is enters to you in the phase of maturity of the net economy. Every chosen it has been operated in good faith, but - like all the decisions - risente of autorale soggettività.

The travel companions. I have left for last this famous one because me she is much beloved.
The group centers is constituted them from my team of search: a some thirty of phenomenal young people prophets of the evolution of the times that assist to me in the quotidianità of the university life, search and plan. They have demonstrated a tenacity and a puntigliosità of other times in certosino the job of I distinguish and the puntualizzazioni and in the obstinate perseguimento, for every possible doubt or question, of the best one of the answers. Without this square and its enthusiasm the Dictionary would not badly have seen the light.

But the accuracy is a little striking dress (like often happens to the real values), remains on the background and very spouse with the vivacità of pennellate of author for being valued. And NATO cosi the idea to invite to the athletic contest the testimonial of excellence of the Italian scene: in order to assign them more meaningful and controversial voices to they of the Dictionary and to have of in gift qualified deepenings. The surrounding crown (the extensive team or the team-net, if cosi aggrada to call it to you) is constituted gives beyond centoventi between the more authoritative voices of the economy of net in Italy. They are mostly friends who have shared with me the querelle, vaticini and the surprise of the way that in these recent years has carried to us to the changed scene odierno and that they have accepted to help in this challenge of reordering the existing me. But they are also studious and professionals who I only knew from the reading of the daily paper and that they have concurred to contribute to the writing of this Dictionary, crediting some the contents with participations of pregio.

These participations constitute a book in the book, than same I have read with immense I appeal to learning from every testimony something of new. Since auspico that the same thing happens to all the readers, you concur a leave suggestion to me: leaf through the Dictionary to the search of centotrentacinque the testimonies (have been clearly evidenced on the external margin of the pages) and you read those that to more they interest you like if they were the understood one them of a book on the net economy. Then riponete also the dictionary in a drawer, in attended of the occasion in order to consult it.
Because it is this - in bottom - the trade of a Dictionary: to sit down in park bench, but makes to find ready to the contest when the trainer sends to you in field.

Vito di Bari

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