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How are reduced the costs

How does Unitec to reduce the costs?
The first step towards the cost reduction regards the radical simplification of some intransgressible thought inner procedures
According to step it regards the total abolition of inner the procedural interferences that represent one of the greater causes of energies and resources loss
Unitec it simplifies the procedures and it absorbs the interferences in this way reducing all the relative costs

Which costs are reduced

The Services Unitec reduce these costi:
  • Office Acquires: unification and graduates them reduction of the demands and orders, except prompt, translations etc. etc.
  • Administration: an invoice that unify more positions and constructors, a single payment to a single supplier. Eventual elimination of the invoices of the conveyors. Hundreds of invoices reduce to one single salary.
  • Acceptance goods: one single bubble of delivery, reduction and simplification in the acceptance of the goods.
  • Recording: the reduction of the number of the transactions inner and paper supports to you involves an enormous decrease of the physical volume of the recordings and consequently the access to documents becomes simpler.
  • Result: more speed of the information between the staff thanks to the reduction of the parameters, supplying, orders, constructors etc. etc

Member of DIN ISO 9001 Unitec